Album Mastering

Album Mastering

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Album mastered in less than 1 week.  Contact us for a quote if you require a faster turnaround. Check out our Audio Examples to hear examples of audio before and after our mastering. View the images and videos in the Visual Examples section to see the result from our mastering process on the waveform of audio.

How it works:

  1. Pay for the number of songs you need mastered on the Products Page and complete the checkout process at
  2. Upload your music online, we recommend which gives you 2gb of space free. Feel free to use your own ftp, website, Google Drive or any similar service if you already are using some file sharing. You can share your music once it is uploaded to dropbox, etc with the following email for us to begin work on your audio:

  3. After your music has been uploaded Send us an email and including any special instructions required for any specific files. You can also include these instructions in a text file with your music.
  4. Within 1 week we will send you a secure link containing a zip file of your Master or Masters in a WAV format stereo file (44.1 kHz sample rate, and 16 bit).
    You can then download them and listen to your audio in your own familiar listening environment and hear the difference that Digital Song Mastering can provide.

Find out about our guarantee policy.