Stem Mastering

Stem mastering combines mixing and mastering. It is the superior way to finalize your music. For this type of mastering you send us several files with elements of your track. By combining these layers we're able to provide a balanced sound.

Benefits of stem mastering

Stem mastering allows individual mix changes on the instrument level. This means that a loud drum or instrument can be tuned to create an even mix much easier

How to prepare your stems

If you follow these basic steps it should be easy to create the stems required for mastering:

  • Pick which elements to mute and solo/mute them individually to create a stem export
  • Turn off all compression and limiting on the master channel.
  • Aim for peak levels between -12 and -3db.
  • The bass and bass drums are two instruments that are key to solo together to ensure they are balanced and not stepping on each others range.
  • If your DAW has an option for dithering turn this off.
  • Render as WAV, minimum 16 bit 44.1khz. No mp3s please.
  • Ensure that nothing clips during playback.

An example of some which stems to send would look like this:

  1. Kick Drum
  2. Rest of Drums
  3. Bass Line
  4. Main Synth
  5. Secondary synths
  6. FX, rest of the mix