Stem Mixing

Stem Mixing

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We can lend a hand to bass lines lacking punch, kick drums needing more kick or general mixing issues with our "Stem Mastering" service. 

What you provide: An exported 24 or 32 bit file of each track without any sends or effects enabled. Depending on the nature of your song you may wish to export ONLY the effects as a separate "stem."If you only have a 16 bit file to export its vitally important to make sure there is no clipping. 

Before Stem Mastering: After Stem Mastering:

If you are looking to get an entire track mastered check out our Track Mastering service for $17.29 
Once you are ready, upload your music tracks online. We recommend which gives you 2gb of space free. You can share your music once it is uploaded to dropbox with the following email for us to begin work on your audio: 
Please limit the number of tracks used to around 8 to 10 stereo stem tracks.
Tips for grouping your track: 
- If your track has a kick drum keep it on its own stem 
- The rest of the drums can be grouped together, sometimes if there are extra percussions layers/loops we recommend exporting them with other quiet percussion sounds. 
-If the Kick and Snare are key players in your song we recommend export the snare on its own stem. 
-If two synth's or guitar parts have a similar tone, its best to export them to separate stems. This helps prevent any frequencies overloading at any point in the stem 
-Do not let the levels get anywhere near 0db. Please aim for the peak to be around -6db at minimum, -12db is even okay, but lower volumes might be problematic. Since you will be sending 24 or 32 bit files we will be able to bring up the volume in studio without any problems